Class Descriptions

Full Circle Classes Dress Code

Firefly Program

Firefly Dance is a program designed especially for early learners. This research-based dance curriculum fosters creativity, social-emotional development, motor development and self expression through intentional play! Class begins with a special warm-up designed to activate the brain-body connection followed by concept-based movement explorations to build self awareness and a dynamic movement vocabulary!

Designed with your little dancer in mind, every element of this program is joyful, engaging, and beneficial for young children.


Students will learn the foundations of ballet and develop strength, flexibility, and most importantly, a love for ballet. Using a well rounded approach to classical ballet, students will practice musically inspired exercises that train correct body placement and coordination as well as promote joyful movement and a sense of performance quality.

Jazz Funk

An upbeat class that combines the technical skills of a jazz class with the funky, energetic style of hip hop. Students will work on flexibility, dance skills, and moving with style! Each class consists of an aerobic warm-up, skill development, and fresh, modern choreography. This class will leave students feeling confident and energized.


Contemporary dance is rooted in creative innovation! Blending techniques from various genres, contemporary dance is an organic, expressive style for dancers to explore freedom of movement, imagery, versatility, and improvisation. Dancers will be given tools to develop and strengthen their technique while building confidence in expressing themselves through dance.

Hip Hop

This funky class will help students develop rhythm and coordination while encouraging individual style. Hip hop dance evolved from hip hop culture and music and includes breakdancing and popping and locking. Students will enjoy a great workout, learning tricks, and fun choreography!


Students will have the opportunity to be musicians and dancers at the same time! Tap dancing develops a keen sense of rhythm and timing, improves memory skills, leg and ankle strength, and balance. Students will work toward establishing fundamental tap movements, vocabulary, and rhythm sequences that are challenging and progressive.