What Parents & Teachers Say About Full Circle Dance Classes

What Parents & Teachers Say About Full Circle Dance Classes

A great addition to my classroom…

“Full Circle Dance has been a great addition to my classroom. The children always look forward to Tuesdays with Miss Genoa because they know it’s dance class. I have seen first hand how this has helped my class with spatial awareness, teamwork, following directions and patterns. I would recommend Full Circle Dance program and Miss Genoa to any school.”

~ Stephanie Sena, Pre Kindergarten Teacher, Foundations Early Childhood Education, Arvada, CO

Kids learn, grow and enjoy themselves…

“We are thrilled with the program and love Genoa – she interacts so wonderfully and enthusiastically with the kiddos. Walking into a dance class with Genoa is walking into a fun environment where the kids can learn, grow, and enjoy themselves.”

~ D.D, Arvada, CO

Convenient class location…

“It’s wonderful having our classes at the Academy ECE in Westminster. Not only is it convenient for our family, but it adds a special activity each week that my daughter looks forward to at school.”

~ Parent, Westminster, CO

Skilled, patient and creative instructors…

“Dillon (4yr) has taken dance for over a year, and though he always loved it, it wasn’t until he started taking classes through Full Circle Dance that we really noticed him taking it more seriously. Not only has his dancing improved, but we have noticed growth in his self-confidence as well! Full Circle Dance is convenient and affordable and the instructors are skilled, patient, creative and caring. I would highly recommend them to any parent interested in getting their child involved in dance.”

~ H.B., Arvada, CO

Dance as movement therapy…

“Our son loves the Full Circle Dance class! He had complications during a surgery when he was younger, resulting in mild developmental delays, but he has always loved music and dancing and Genoa has been so welcoming to him in class. We’ve seen improved motor skills and he participates fully. Full Circle Dance also provides an assistant who dances alongside him on occasion and he is happy as a little clam. They also incorporate a “Brain-Compatibility Dance” which includes neuro-developmental movement therapy and disguises coordination as pure fun! Being a full-time working mom, I also really appreciate that dance class comes to him at day-care, breaking up his day and saving me a trip. Genoa also touches base and keeps us in the loop with how he’s doing in class, which is much appreciated since we’re not usually present to see first hand.”

~ J.B., Arvada, CO

The kids express themselves in dance…

“We absolutely love this program, the combination of dance basics, with the opportunity for the kids to express themselves in dance is really wonderful. We would highly recommend this program for any beginning dancers.”

~ H.B., Arvada, CO

Fun and playful environment…

“My daughter has really enjoyed dance class at The Academy ECE in Westminster. She gets the opportunity to work on her coordination in a fun and playful environment, and really enjoys being able to express herself through dance and music.”

~ Parent, Westminster, CO

My daughters confidence has grown…

“My daughters confidence has grown since joining dance a year ago. I also love how she is learning how to dance and also learning other subjects as well.”

~ S.P., Golden, CO

Toddlers learn to follow directions…

“My daughter absolutely loves Full Circle Dance at The Academy, and looks forward to it every week. From these classes, she gains skills and discipline (what toddler doesn’t benefit from a little more controlled discipline?!). She learns to adapt to new environments and follow directions. And she gets stronger!”

~ D.D, Arvada, CO

My son loves to move now even more…

“Niko loves music and dancing. I believe his exposure to dance through Full Circle has influenced his love of movement. Niko gets so excited for dance each week and it makes us so happy to hear how engaged he is in class. He loves Genoa and talks about her at home, too! Thank you for all you do!”

~ A.D, Arvada, CO

Genoa is passionate about teaching dance…

“My 4-year-old daughter has been attending Full Circle Dance for a year, and she loves it! She often comes home with stories about the body part, animal, or other subject she learned about and is excited to show off her new moves. Watching Genoa interact with the kids is heartwarming – you can see how passionate she is about teaching dance, and she has a gift for making the dances age-appropriate and fun while also keeping each kid in line and engaged. We are grateful our kiddo has had the opportunity to attend her classes.”

~ I.H., Arvada, CO

The perfect touch with the kids…

“Our child has bloomed in dance class. She loves it and looks forward to every Friday. Having the class at school makes it so easy. Genoa has the perfect touch with the kids. They love her. “

~ Parent, Westminster, CO