Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dance will my child be learning?

We use a unique curriculum that incorporates many styles of music and dance. Students will be learning pre-ballet movements to build stability and coordination, and musicality as well as creative movement exploration and exercises designed to activate the brain-body connection.

Is there a dress code for dance class?

We do not have a dress code for class. Please send kids in comfy clothes they can move in. Depending on the flooring, dancers may take off their shoes and socks for class. If kids would like to change into dancewear for class, they are more than welcome to!

What if my child needs to miss class?

If two weeks advance notice is given before a missed class, you will not be charged for said class. Any class missed without two weeks advance notice is non-refundable nor can missed classes be applied to subsequent months’ tuition.

Can I sign my child up anytime?

Yes! If a new student joins mid session or mid month, tuition payment will be prorated so you only pay for the classes your child attends. New students are welcome to join a class (where openings are available) at any time!

Do you have free class for my child to try?

We welcome students to attend one class for free to see it’s the right right fit for them.  

Can I come and watch class?

We have an open door policy around parents coming to observe class, but we do have some guidelines to help keep kids engaged with parents in the room.

  • We work hard to help students learn to respect our dance space and our class time. Please help us by modeling respectful and supportive behavior.
  • Everyone in the dance space should be engaged in the class. This means no cell phones or side conversations while in the room.
  • If a younger sibling is with you, please do your best to help them observe quietly and respectfully.
  • The best time to observe a class is for the last 5 minutes of class, as often children will have something they have worked on to perform for you!
  • Please use your best judgement about whether your presence is a distraction for your child or for the class.

If I need to, can I pick my child up from class early?

If you need to pick up your child early, please let the teacher and your child know what time you will be picking them up. When picking up early, please signal your child to meet you at the door. Please do not enter the class room or disrupt the class while picking up your child.

If the class isn’t the right fit, are we obligated to pay for the whole semester?

If parents decide that a class is not the right fit for their child, please notify director two weeks prior to the last class your child will be attending and you will receive prorated tuition for your student. If you need to drop immediately, you will be responsible for the next two classes’ tuition.

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Skilled and caring instructors…

“Dillon (4yr) has taken dance for over a year, and though he always loved it, it wasn’t until he started taking classes through Full Circle Dance that we really noticed him taking it more seriously. Not only has his dancing improved, but we have noticed growth in his self-confidence as well! Full Circle Dance is convenient and affordable and the instructors are skilled, patient, creative and caring. I would highly recommend them to any parent interested in getting their child involved in dance.”

~ Hali Broncucia, Arvada,CO