Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to have a dedicated dance space to offer dance at our school?

No! We are happy to make space for dance classes in classrooms, libraries or gyms.

Is it just for girls? Will the boys feel comfortable participating?

Our classes are fun and engaging for both boys and girls. We are experts at winning over hesitant boys!

How many children can you teach at a time?

Enrichment classes are capped according to ratio laws. In school programs can serve as many as 20 children per group and require full teacher support during class.

What are benefits of enrichment classes versus in school programs?

Enrichment classes are capped to avoid large class sizes so that students can receive individual attention and class can be designed just for them! Parents can register and pay tuition online, so there is no extra work for school administrators or teachers

In school programming infuses core curriculum with movement! Often, students who may not have tried dance discover their talent and love for dance through in school programming. In school programming has a focus on developing motor skills, focus, confidence, and team building. During in school programs, classroom teachers are present and engaged to offer extra support and encouragement for all students.

Whats does full teacher support look like?

Full teacher support means that teachers are present and engaged with the students and the class! Teachers may dance with the children or help to keep struggling individuals engaged in the class. Schools will also receive a guide for how best to support Full Circle Dance teachers.

Is dance an acceptable replacement for recess/free time?

While dance is great exercise, it also requires a huge amount of focus and concentration. We do not recommend offering dance as a replacement for free time or recess.

What are the curricular themes and how are they integrated into the class?

The curricular themes vary and depend on the age of the class and the length of the session. Very young dancers will be reinforcing what they are learning about directions (up, down, to the side), feelings, colors, and animals just to name a few. Older dancers will explore themes such as the Life Cycle of a Butterfly, Under the Sea, and Dancing Around the World. Themes will be integrated into warmups and dance games. Students will also learn fun dances inspired by the curricular theme!

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A great addition to my classroom…

“It has been a great addition to my classroom with Full Circle Dance class. The children always look forward to Tuesday’s with Miss Genoa because they know its dance class. I have seen first hand how this has helped my class with spatial awareness, teamwork, following directions and patterns. I would recommend Full Circle Dance class and Miss Genoa to any school program.”

~ Stephanie Sena, Pre Kindergarten Teacher, Foundations Early Childhood Education, Arvada, CO