Full Circle Dance’s

Firefly Dance Camp

Let your little firefly’s inner light shine!

Program Description – Each day of camp will revolve around an engaging theme to spark imagination and ignite curiosity.  Camp will be jam packed with purposeful play including music, storytelling, arts and crafts, and DANCE!

For children 3.5 – 5 years old


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Your child arrives to dance and runs right in to give their teacher bear hugs…

Each day begins with a warm welcome and circle time, a magical start to the day. Little dancers will sing songs, celebrate one another and learn new things!

A day of fun designed just for your little one’s development…

Beginning with a special warm-up designed to improve focus and attention, children will have a blast bouncing, twisting, and leaping away!

Your child learning through engaging, creative play…

Games, explorations, stories, and artwork all center around an educational theme. Your child will come home brimming with excitement about what they learned about at dance camp.

What can children look forward to each week?

Thoughtfully curated books and music to go along with our weekly themes.
Hands on fun with a tactile play and thematic art projects.
Magical and imaginative dance classes that bring learning to life.
Camp is a place of connection and belonging, the beginning of lifelong friendships.
Every student is noticed, supported, and included with only 8 students per camp.
(space is limited so register soon!).

How does it benefit their development?

We believe that art is education. We aim to inspire children toward creativity, curiosity, and courage in ways that benefit every area of their lives.


Movement that corresponds with your child’s natural stages of development so that your child can enjoy a lifetime of healthy movement.


Supporting your child’s early development with intentional movement in a sensory rich environment.


Magical themes that will capture your child’s curiosity and imagination and make learning a joy.


Children can safely explore, identify, and express emotions, make lasting friendships, and find true belonging and connection at dance.

What makes Firefly Day Camp unique?

Dance for Early Development

While children are immersed in a world of play, they’re also practicing movements designed to improve physical and cognitive development! As little dancers are enjoying reaching, twisting, and spinning they are also re-mapping their brains, making their whole body an instrument for learning.

Learning by Doing

Each session will have an educational theme that children will explore through music, movement, art projects, and purposeful play. This type of learning ignites curiosity and engages children’s minds, bodies, and imaginations! Enriching themes breathe excitement into students’ dancing and learning process.

Creative Exploration

For a portion of each class, children are in the driver’s seat! By focusing on different dance concepts and movement qualities each week, students will learn the elements of dance through exploration. With the freedom to be creative, every child is able to shine!

Upcoming Sessions


Winter Session

January 11th – February 8th

Theme: Visual Art
Bringing the vibrancy of visual art to life through dance! Children will learn about a new artist each week and explore movement and creative exploration inspired by Kandinsky, Keith Haring, Frida Khalo, and more!

Wednesdays: 9:30-11:30 am
At the Studio on McIntyre
$225  Just $180 for a limited time for the 5 week session


Spring Session

February 22nd – April 1st 

*No camp March 22nd – Spring Break

Theme: The 5 Senses
Each week, dancers will learn about a new sense! In addition to singing, dancing, and creating, children will participate in fun tactile play, taste tests, listening games, and more!

Wednesdays: 9:30-11:30 am
At the Studio on McIntyre
$225  Just $195 for a limited time for the 5 week session


Both of my boys (3 & 6) LOVE Full Circle Dance! They both started classes with Miss Genoa at very young ages & have taken classes with her staff as well. It is one of their favorite activities. Miss Genoa has a true gift for teaching & engaging kids in learning dance/movement. I’m so impressed by the camps, classes & the entire program. 5 stars & beyond!.

— Amanda

We can’t say enough good things about Genoa, her staff, and her programs. I have two kids in weekly classes, one boy and one girl, and we participated in one of her summer camps. Our expectations have been exceeded at every turn and my kids LOVE Miss Genoa and Miss Celia. I am a retired ballet/tap/contemporary dancer, and therefore very discerning about who teaches my kids to dance… Full Circle Dance is the best of the best!

— Haley

Our family loves Full Circle Dance! Genoa is amazing and has been nothing but the best! Our daughter needed time to warm up to engage in the class and she was so patient with her. Beyond impressed with how much my daughter has learned! Can’t say enough good things about this place (obviously!)

— Ashlee