Let your little firefly’s inner light shine

Each day of camp will revolve around an engaging theme to spark imagination and ignite curiosity! Camp will be jam packed with purposeful play including music, storytelling, art, and of course, DANCE!

Space is very limited!


3-5 years


9:30-12:00 pm


June 22, 27, 29
– July 11, 13, 18


$40 per camp


5770 McIntyre St. Suite 3 Golden, CO 80403

Firefly is Different

Easy sign-up system so you can schedule the dates that work for you!

Educational themes bring learning to life and fully engage young minds.

Every student is acknowledged, supported, and included with only 8 students per camp.

Camp is a place of connection and belonging–the beginning of lifelong friendships.

Children will keep their hands busy with a beautiful art project each week.

Benefits beyond the dance floor …

We aim to inspire children toward creativity, curiosity, and courage in ways that benefit every area of their lives.

We believe in preparing children for a lifetime of movement.  Our dance curriculum is carefully crafted to correspond with natural stages of motor development so that students can achieve the most with their bodies.

Our dance classes support brain development through a series of intentional movements within a sensory rich environment that are shown to improve neural organization and activate children’s capacity to learn.

Little ones learn best through play.  Our educational themes capture the attention of young dancers, stimulating intellectual curiosity and infusing the learning process with joy, excitement, and creativity.

Dance is a beautiful way for children to safely explore and express the vast range of their emotions, develop social skills, and find a sense of belonging and connection.  We are committed to fostering emotional intelligence 

Every class, your firefly will look forward to …

Thoughtfully curated books and music to go along with our weekly themes.

Hands-on fun with a new art project each week

Magical and imaginative dances that bring learning to life

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